Comprehensive Reports for the best results

As a lawyer or an insurer you know that evidence is everything. When you’re under pressure to get your client the best result, or resolve an insurance claim you need an expert to compile a comprehensive report that's professional, independent and acceptable in a court of law.

At Wenning Technical Services we want to make your job easier. Our expert reports are all prepared in clear language with extensive references to relevant regulations and standards.

With a thorough understanding of court requirements, standards and codes, we will compile an easy to understand expert report on time and at a reasonable cost. We offer our support to property owners and managers, as well as owner corporations, insurers and legal firms. 

Architects, builders and plumbers are often faced with limitations that can make it difficult to comply with standards and codes. We provide a service to solve this problem by preparing Plumbing Performance Solutions to comply with NCC Volume 3, Plumbing Code of Australia.

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Inside your expert report

Our practical expert reports contain photographs and drawings and refer to specific clauses in the Building Act, Regulations, Australian Standards and Codes. This makes the report easy to follow and an essential tool in litigation.

We can document the chronology of an investigation, provide cost estimates and provide professionaladvice and recommendations on the best way to repair damage and recover costs.

We do more than just report

Sometimes an expert witness is your most compelling asset. Peter Wenning is anexperienced, qualified independent expert witness in all plumbing and drainage matters.

If you need a technical specialist in plumbing to provide professional expert evidence, Peter can bring significant practical and theoretical experience to the table.

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