There is more to plumbing than the pipes and it’s important to make sure that any work you have done is of the highest quality. Many aspects of Australian Standards are not regulated and we want to help you prevent problems before they occur.

We can identify substandard plumbing and drainage works on your construction site and recommend corrective action before
it’s too late.

With a drive for low prices encouraging shortcuts in the plumbing industry, your plumbing can be second-rate. If you’re not sure about your plumbing, roofing and drainage you can have it inspected today.

Wenning Technical Services sets the bar with our inspection and testing services to ensure compliance with regulations, and protect you from the dangers of defectiveplumbing.

Quality Assurance for Your Building Project

Our inspectors can undertake comprehensive inspection and audits on the following:

  • Gas-fitting 
  • Mechanical (heating, cooling, ventilation)
  • Air conditioning (basic)
  • refrigerated air conditioning (intermediate)
  • refrigerated air conditioning split systems
  • Roofing 
  • Sanitary
  • Water supply (HOT & COLD)
  • Fire services
Sanitary leakages repair service

If you have water pipes, drains, roofing or even heating and ventilation systems that need to be up to standard for home or business then give us a call today.

You don’t want to risk property damage at your home or office, business interruption, or unhealthy conditions for your colleagues, workers or family.

For peace of mind on your construction project, around the office or in the home call us today. 

Get your plumbing Inspected before it’s too late. Call us on (03) 9776 3862 today!