Dedicated to education

Wenning Technical Services has participated in educating the plumbing industry since 2006. It is our policy to maintain currency of qualifications and knowledge of industry practices and standards to best serve the interests of our clients.

For over ten years, we have been working with Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) and Publishers to transfer knowledge and information on current and emerging technology and work practices to the plumbing industry. As educators we have developed a number of training resources that have been peer reviewed and are used in RTO's throughout Australia.

We have worked with respected publishers and educators such as Pearson Australia, Cengage Learning, Chisholm Institute and TAFE Queensland because education is the key to maintaining and improving the standard of work in our plumbing industry.

In 2015, Peter Wenning was awarded an Overseas Fellowship by the International Specialized Skills Institute.

Our Recent Contributionsinclude

  • Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Sanitary and Drainage” second edition published by Cengage Learning in 2016.
  • Over 35 technical articles for industry publication, Plumbing Connection Magazine.
  • Review of “Technical Solutions" , Victorian Building Authority.
  • "Water pipe sizing using velocity pressure loss method in Microsoft Excel", Institute of Plumbing Australia.
  • "Licensed to plumb 2"  on-line learning resource, Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
  • "Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention - Opportunities for Improvement in the Australian Plumbing Industry",  International Specialised Skills Institute.
  • "Commission and Maintain Backflow Devices", a three day course for a specialist plumbing licence, Chisholm Institute.
  • "Fire service backflow prevention device testing and maintenance", a professional development short course, South East Water and Chisholm Institute.
  • "CPC50612 Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design", TAFE Queensland.
Inadequate provision for expansion and pipe fractures
Leaking pipe causes ceiling collapse

Our Current Contributions to Industry training include

  • "Cross Connection Control Program Management",  a 40 hour in-house course designed for water industry personnel with responsibility for managing a containment water supply backflow prevention program. Delivered by Peter Wenning, USC Certified Cross Connection Control Program Specialist.

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